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  • Of course you must be over 18 years of age at the time of the shoot.
  • 2 forms of ID are required the day of the shoot. One must be a state or governement issued ID with a picture on it. The other can be anything with your name...everything from a social security card to a library card will work! Just make sure it has your name on it...make photocopies of these documents...just hit a Kinkos really quick and lay em on the copier!
  • You'll be required to sign a standard model release and age verification contract.
  • Fun, easy going attitudes.
  • Please no druggies, drunks, or gangsta mentalities.
  • While we love the art of the tattoo, jailhouse/gang tats won't really work. If you can't cover them, we can't use you.
  • Get ready to have fun and make money!

Some misconceptions about the job:

  • No one gets paid thousands of dollars...well, there are some big names in the business that make that much, but if you're thinking $5,000 to drop yer trousers, it ain't happening.
  • Worried about "getting caught" by someone you know? Well, with 40,000+ adult sites on the net, chances of this happening are slim to none. We certainly can't guarantee someone won't recognize you, but realize this: we've been doing this now for a long time and we've evaluated thousands of adult sites and not once have we been able to ID anyone we've known from school, the community, or the workplace. The few times we've heard of this sort of thing happening to one of our actors, it's been them... bragging to someone about a job they've done.
  • Bachelor-Pad only works in clean, safe environments. No creepy hotel rooms, no shitty apartments. No funny business. We're not creepy pervs, and since we value your comfort while working for Bachelor-Pad, we'd love it if you'd like to bring along a friend to the shoot. It's really safe and actually fun!
  • No big production crew on site...probably 2 employees will be on your set at any given time. (We've done shot with one person, too). Nope, there won't be 10 drooling guys waiting around to see a free peep-show.